The Elephant is an incredible animal and is revered in some cultures as being the symbol of strength, honor and protection.  The trunk facing upwards is for good fortune and a bleassing upon all new endeavours.  Perfect as a home accent or a gift for a special person in your life.
Be a Pineapple... Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.....
In the Garden....this fragrance by Michel Design Works places you in the centre of a lush garden filled with whimsy and look and there is a large 3 tiered fountain and you are surrounded by a trellis of ivy and carved out pathways bountiful with flowers, all as far as the eye can find a perfect little spot under a weeping willow to sit and dream...

In the Garden's fragrance is a lovely blend of Jasmin tea infused with bergamot, vanilla and mandarin.
She sells seashells by the seashore....
'Seashells', a new collection by Micheal Design Works.
Natural Fragrance: Ocean Breeze with undertones of moss, peach and greens.  Paired here with Versailles glassware by   La Rochere of France.  Absolutely stunning with an elegant flower & shell notif that is sophisticated and translates well from everyday use to festive occasions.
We are very happy to annouce that you may now find Lamb + Kiss hand poured soy candles at Details...

The fragrance of these candles is fabulous!  And the packaging is absolutely the tines and individual match stick.  The jars have corkscrew wick ends..   The detail that the owner, Nicole has put into these beauties demonstrates 100% love of her craft.  It is no wonder we had to have them here at Details.

Glad To Be Me ! Fabulous Odette the Ostrich along with Flo Flamingo...   along with  journals, mugs, eyeglass cases
I'm singing in the rain - just singing in the rain...

It would be hard to stop from breaking into a broadway musical song and dance on Alliston's Downtown Victoria St... while twirling one of these beautiful umbrellas..
4 Mom & Babe  Teething Jewelry.. It's fun, fashionable and functional.  What baby isn't always crabbing for your necklace, or sucking on your bracelet.  Now no longer have to worry, your teething babe may safely go for your necklace, pull on it, use it as a teething ring... why? beacuse it is one !
Antique brass finish....gorgeous red glasses with gold leaf detail...reminds one of a Parsian Market place with  floral still life prints of beautiful bouquets & wall sconces
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New to Dé.tails Kitras Glassworks - Canada’s Largest Hot Glass Studio!


Our signature creation. Like trees in a forest, no two are alike, with a special sentiment for each theme. Enjoy the magic of the seasons or give the gift of inspiration with these unique glass ornaments, ready to give in a gift box.
Kitras is a family run, Canadian company, with a strong belief in finding, making and sharing the Everyday Beautiful. (Kitras Website)
At Dé.tails, we are overjoyed to have them here to share with you. Each piece is magnificent and truly unique and have their own meaning. Visit us in store to see them up close... you will be awe struck by their beauty.