Michel Design Works has outdone themselves with the new additions for the Nest & Eggs Collection.  If you have any of these pieces and are as much in love with this collection as we are.... we suggest not waiting oo long to come and see what's new.....
When we set the mood and put together a tablescape, we're telling a store that we wish for our table to communicate to our guest, families and space.....

What does your table say?
Lyonnais by La Rochère Glassware in France... Founded in 1475 La Roche`re is the oldest working art glassworks in France, and we have them here ..
La Rochere says it best....orignal collections are still relevent to contemporary living styles.  It does not consider "daily life" to be a meaningless notion, but rather filled with hereitage, emotions and passion to accompany key occasions and small moments of happiness.
Oh Canada....Have you been to any of these place?  Baie des Ha Ha, Punkey Doodles Corners, Poo Poo Creek...
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