Paint Your Own Piece with Fusion Mineral Paint
May 24  6:30 - 9:30
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Victoria Day Weekend is the biggest weekend for Garage Sales! Use this weekend to find that special piece that you want to paint with Fusion Mineral Paint! Or maybe you have a piece already in mind....

On Thursday May 24th we will be hosting a Paint Your Own Piece evening Workshop. At the workshop you will use OUR paint, products and brushes and we will go over everything you need to know about Fusion Mineral Paint, we will look at a couple techniques you may use and apply to your special piece, I.e.: distressing, layering colours, waxes and finishes.... You may find more details on our website.

Whatever you decided to bring in to paint, you have to be able to carry it in and out on your own, it needs to be wood and not lacquer /melamine or metal. And we ask that you prep your piece prior to the workshop. Please email Michelle with any photos of your piece if you have questions regarding the prep required to have it ready for the workshop.

Any pieces unfinished by the end of the workshop time will need to go home with you.... studio time is available for rent if you are interested. Please speak with Michelle to inquire about rental rates & if you think you may require studio rental time.

Refreshments and a light snack will be provided.

Fee: $75.00 per person.

(Your fee included 3 hours of Instruction, use of Our Paints and products and brushes, and refreshments & a light snack).
Off Your Rocker - Rocking Chair Painting Party - with Fusion Mineral Paint

June 3   9:30 - 1:00
Do you have an old Rocking Chair... maybe it was your mothers or grandmothers and was passed down to you? Or, you have one you bought a few years ago and it is worn and needs some Freshening Up and you don’t know where to start? We are here to help! This Workshop is designed as an introduction to using Fusion Mineral Paint and a great way for you to build the confidence to tackle that painting Rocking Chair you have always wanted to re-do. We will cover the basic know-how to use Fusion Mineral Paint, you will have an opportunity to practice painting before starting on your own Rocking Chair. In addition to using OUR paint, we will be discussing distressing, using waxes and glazes... all the products and techniques that will help you create the Rocking Chair you have always wanted.

The $75.00 covers the three hours of the workshop, all the workshop paints and supplies used, tea and/or coffee and some light snacks. All you need to do is wear clothing that you won’t mind getting paint on {in house aprons will be provided for use}. Please Note: Depending on the size of the zero king Chair and the techniques you wish to apply, you may not have it finished by the end of the workshop.
We do offer Studio Rentals... if you wish to rent studio time, please schedule time with Michelle, Store Manager. 1Hr-$20 | 3Hr $40 ( All paints are purchased and supplied by the individual). }